Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Old Man and the Storm

                     The Old Man and the Storm

On a small inlet of water the Old Mans house stood

for many years. He had worked for years on his own

...making it a warm comfortable place.

One hot summer day posed a threat of a terrible storm

to come. He had lived there through bad weather many

times. He was not aware of what was to come.

This was a storm like no other he had ever seen. The trees

were ripped from the ground with ease. Debris had  made

it's presence known, flying through the air. Shattering

windows on his home, letting the 70 mile an hour winds

flow in. The inlet of water had risen and was now flooding

his home. There was no other place to go... but to the

roof. The Old Man sat on the top of his roof as the storm

started to die down. He wished someone would come to

save him . He saw a helicopter flying by . And then it was

gone. About an hour later, he watched as a boat went

by, then drifted out of site.  He still needed help. He ask

God why no one had come? God replied " I sent you a 

helicopter, you did not yell for help. I sent you a boat..

you watched as it drifted by. You did not take the help I

sent you.

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