Genuine, Unsolicited Testimonials from Around the World



Genuine, Unsolicited Testimonials from Around the World !!

"This book is a breath of fresh air!  You provide information in such a clear, no  nonsense way that, truthfully, I never knew. Of course, I'm going to have to read this book again, and again. Thank you for having the foresight to provide this brilliant piece of work for someone like me.  Again, thank you so very much.  I can't say that enough. Thank you."
Lucille Lee
Arizona, USA

"I have read, and re-read your 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' and yes you are a Genius!  You tell it like it should have been told from the beginning.   I have copied your E-BOOK and take it to bed with me so I can keep reading every word.  I am a new member to the Computer and I want to be sure I do things right from now on.  I've been down a rocky road so far.  This will put you on auto pilot and make you rich! Yes right, big bunch of lies. I believe you was raised by a Christian Mother as you appear to be a very truthful MAN.  Thank You a MILLION Times for "The BOOK!!!! I shall cherish it always."
                                                                                                                         Maudine Brubaker
                                                                                                                         Texas, USA

"Ya know, usually whenever you're thinking about a program...or product etc, the product owners promise support...and no end...promises, promises...and then, they're usually gone to Eastern Siberia on a Sabbatical for an undisclosed amount of time...or they're lost somewhere out there in cyberspace... and/or they're so seriously don't want to contact...which is probably their goal..."

"You've been true to your word...every step...from the 1st contact I've had with you... and that's damn refreshing, especially here on the Internet...and I respect that seriously..."
Nile Vincent
Washington USA

"I want to tell you that I really enjoy your writing style!!  You get right to the point, but with added color and a sense of humor too. (Now, I'm not kissing-up here!!  I speak the truth and I mean what I say!). I think the Big Dog's ebook and program is a work of art!  It's great!!!"
Walter Wood
California, USA

"Thanks!  I can't tell you how happy I am to be an Alpha Dog.  I can't remember when I enjoyed reading a book so much.  I now JUMP out of bed every morning to get on my computer!"
Michael Hansen
Texas, USA

"I just purchased your 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' ebook and am very pleased and impressed with it.  The opportunity that you offer is simply BEAUTIFUL, as well as EXCITING!"
Samuel Grossman
Pennsylvania, USA

"I'm sure you are blessed, and I know that you will continue to provide a no BS, no lies, and no hype opportunity to the mass of people like me who are honestly trying to get their life going in a positive direction.  I don't say many prayers, but I will mention your name when I do."
Jimmy Holland
North Carolina, USA

"Stan, your ebook is AWESOME!  I wonder why you sell it for just $19.95 - this ebook is worth well over $100.00!"
Mohamed Rabea
"I am astonished and overwhelmed by your concept!  I've tried many affiliate programs with little success, but your concept is OUTSTANDING - success only depends on following your system and getting the routine down!"
Christa Maier

"THANK YOU for 'Secrets of the Big Dogs!'  I am so sick of pages and pages of nothing more than garble - YOUR ebook breaks the mold!"
Susan Hemmingsen
New Zealand

"I am very impressed with how well written and informative 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' is."
Rick Taylor
Alberta, Canada

"I feel that Big Dogs is the best online business concept I've come across since I began my search over nine months ago.  I appreciate your commitment and your sense of humor - something we ALL need a little more of these days.  Keep up the good work!"
Schelli Whitehouse
West Virginia, USA

"I would like to say that I think you're a 'frickin' genius!  I have read through your material at least seven times and am blown away each time!"
Erik Waldrop
Washington, USA

"I've read 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' three times now, and have gone to the support site - BOTH of which, I must say, are fantastic!  Most of all I'm impressed with your forthright, logical views - expressed with minimal 'rah-rah.'  I've been combing the Internet for SOMEONE who could make sense of it all, and YOU'VE done it brilliantly!  Forget Corey, Declan, and all the rest - YOU 'DA MAN!"
Andrew Goulding
New South Wales, Australia

"Okay, I'm HOOKED!  There is no question that this is the most informative, MUST-HAVE ebook I have ever read!"
Walter Childs
Alabama, USA

"I have just purchased the 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' ebook and am astonishingly impressed with the information!"
Hugh Purcell
New South Wales, Australia

"'Secrets of the Big Dogs' is a must-read for anyone who plans to market on the Internet!"
Denice Haamid
Ohio, USA

"Thank you for a wonderful ebook!  It answered all my questions about online marketing."
Diane Vargas
Texas, USA

"'Secrets of the Big Dogs' is worth every dime!  It clearly lays forth all the pitfalls that I have experienced, and shows the way out of them.  I wish I had had it two years ago - it would have saved me a lot of time and money.  Thanks again for putting all this together for so many of us."
Doug Jerving
Wisconsin, USA

"Thank you for this WONDERFUL, refreshingly honest Internet marketing opportunity!"
Vinny Ferrentino
New York, USA



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