Online Entrepreneur " Richard Daigle" Words of Wisdom and Recommendation

Hell-o Everyone,

I am thankful to be associated with Richard Daigle.
I would like to thank him in advance for sharing his story with me.
His knowledge has been a great inspiration for me.

Please take the time to read " Words of Wisdom " from a true
Entrepreneur that cares about helping others.

"Hey Starr,
If you are in the "Make Money Online" game you first
need to know the rules to win and be successful.
There is a reason why over 97% never make any money
or if they do, it is usually chump change and it is the
biggest reason why marketers quit trying.
If you are a marketer online like I am you get hundreds
if not thousands of emails from people pushing a program
for you to join.
These emails are almost all hype and have little benefit
except for you to depart from your hard-earned money.
Everyone seems to know what you need and how their
program is the best and fastest way for you to make money.
The only people who make any real money from these
hyped up programs are the program owners and the
ones who have a list.
The guy or gal who joins these programs without a list
will try to promote them using advertising sites which bring only a very few signups and sales.  Once they get discouraged with their meager results they tend to jump on another hyped- up promise and so begins the nightmare cycle of failure.
Don't think for a minute that using someone else's list will
help you.  Most don't know you from Adam because they
have not built a relationship with you.
To break this cycle of failure it behooves you to start
building your own list

Once I changed my focus on this one idea, my whole
online world changed.  It Works!
When I started building my own List it was expensive
to get it setup.  I had to pay for Capture Pages to get
Leads  and I had to pay for an Auto-responder that
would follow-up with my leads.  These expenses alone cost
me over a hundred dollars a month to keep it going.
But now, thanks to a Company called Lead Lightning,
a marketer can get all these for the Incredible price
of just 7 dollars!  And that's not 7 dollars a month, it's
just one-time!

This is Perfect for Newbies just starting out.
It's perfect for the non-techy people.
And it's perfect for the long-time experienced

And what do you get?

$6.00 Commissions from each lead! (that's 85% commissions)!!
Your own Capture Pages that convert like crazy!
A Built-in Auto-responder that follows up with
all your leads!!
A State of the Art Contact Manager system!
Your OWN LIST to email to on any offer you want!
The Ability to make even higher recurring income!
If you are serious about changing your fortune online,
then change your direction and focus on what really works online...Building Your OWN List and Making Recurring
God Bless,
Richard Daigle "

thankyou Richard..


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