Pros take the Lifetime offer find out why

Online Pros know the value of a dollar. Especially if they started at the bottom.

They want the most for their hard earned buck and the most it can deliver in the terms of  instant exposure- easy  
viewing-  getting the most visitors
to their offers at one time fast.

Pros always take into consideration the stability of the site.
How long has it been giving service to customers.
Are the customers satisfied with their results.
Are their any scam warnings posted.- seem untrustworthy.

All these factors come in to play before a decision is even
considered to join or purchase services  from a site.

Now that the decision was made to join for the massive exposure
to my sites the next question..

Second consideration here of course is how much income can I make with this system and what am I willing
 to pay for it?

Nothing is free there is no such site..
sites that say free are not free-they use your time - and time is precious and not to be given away so easily.

Pros never want to make monthly payments- for in the long run they will make a lot more money taking the
 ( Lifetime Upgrade ) they will have access to the system 
for life.

Able to get massive advertising signups ,
 and of course make a much Bigger Percent...
and never pay another  payment,

LifeTime Upgrade

(A) You get 15 banner slots, shown UNLIMITED times across 40MASSIVE SITES
(B) 35% commissions (up to $55.65 a sale!) and "boost up" to 45% percent (up to $71.55 a sale!) PLUS residuals
(C) 15000 visits to your page using outside advertising resources. (sent by admin!)
(D) Can message activated referrals weekly
(E) The 15000 visits sent to your account (monthly refill!) are 1/3 sent to your bigadblast referral page and 2/3 of them are sent to the sites you list with the banners for your other programs!


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